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Welcome to My Snapshot Traveler! The seed for my blog sprouted from my lifelong love of learning about new cultures, making new friends, and experiencing life outside of my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. At its core – I love traveling! From the moss-covered stone forts in Ireland to the sandy beaches of Mexico to the cobbled streets of Charleston, SC, every place I visit holds a bit of magic.

Take a peek around and see what magic you can find whether it be sand & sea, lakeside, the mountains, the country, the forest or city. Your next destination awaits!

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Recent Posts:
For adventure travel, everyone remembers Nepal. To be more precise, people know Mt. Everest more than Nepal. And I was born and raised in Nepal, the country of the highest mountains in the world. As I was born on the hillside, I had little interest in mountains and adventures. Every day was an adventurous day...[ Read More ]

Sanjib Adhikari

The East African country of Tanzania is well-known for its expansive, unfettered wildlife area, yet there is more to this destination than meets the eye. I first fell in love with this area from afar as I watched vlogs from The Bucket List Family – a group of family travel journalists – venture to Tanzania...[ Read More ]

Lisa Pederson

I was so naïve the first time I traveled to Europe. I was sixteen at the time and had saved every penny I earned for an entire year to pay for a summer study-abroad program in France. Overall, I fared pretty well. I was able to navigate the Métro, order food, and hold broken conversations...[ Read More ]

Lisa Pederson