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Welcome to My Snapshot Traveler! The seed for my blog sprouted from my lifelong love of learning about new cultures, making new friends, and experiencing life outside of my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. At its core – I love traveling! From the moss-covered stone forts in Ireland to the sandy beaches of Mexico to the cobbled streets of Charleston, SC, every place I visit holds a bit of magic.

Take a peek around and see what magic you can find whether it be sand & sea, lakeside, the mountains, the country, the forest or city. Your next destination awaits!

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Florida is one of those bucket list spots for both kids and adults who are looking to experience some of the best weather, beaches, and activities. If you’ve never visited the Sunshine State before, it’s certainly a place that will be memorable and most of all FUN. Here are my top four must-sees for first-time...[ Read More ]

Lisa Pederson

If you're looking for places to add to your bucket list, Ecuador is well worth exploring. Not only is it one of the world’s seventeen megadiverse countries, it's also one of the most geographically stunning locales with snowcapped mountains, the Amazon Basin, and an active volcano. As a bonus, Ecuador is just a quick jump...[ Read More ]

Lisa Pederson

If you're looking for an adventure that's a little different from the typical tourist trail that takes thousands of backpackers through hostels, dorm rooms, and bus stations every year, Wadi Rum in Jordan could spark excitement that you've been missing.  If you're asking yourself... wait... Jordan? Is it safe? Rest assured, it is. As fellow...[ Read More ]

Lisa Pederson