Welcome to My Snapshot Traveler! I’ve always had an interest in things that were new and different – culture, religion, language. My interest was first piqued when I was in the single digits – maybe 7 – and I was reading the book Come Over to my Houseby Theo LeSieg (the lovely Dr. Seuss). With its colorful pages of homes around the globe – huts, igloos, houseboats, rowhouses, cabins, and castles. It was a bit of an “aha” moment for me, like, not everyone lives in a cul-de-sac in the suburbs? Although the story is a bit stereotypical, it was still a wonderful introduction for me.

My love for culture grew as the years rolled by. I worked my buns off when I was sixteen to pay for a summer exchange program to France. From there, I was hooked. Travel is hands down one of my greatest joys in life, and I’ve been so fortunate to visit some incredible places over the years.

This blog is a celebration of those magical moments during travel – I call them “snapshots” – moments where you mentally pinch yourself and say, “Is this real?” I love sharing my stories as well as hearing about those snapshot moments from others.


In a world flooded with distraction, it’s important to take the time focus on the present – even if it’s for a few precious minutes. All too often, we meticulously plan out a vacation or holiday: The car is gassed up. Tickets are bought. Itinerary is set. Bags are packed. You get to your destination and BAM… those same distractions that haunted you before you left town have followed you on the plane/train/car/hike. It’s so important to make an concerted effort to focus on the NOW. Tuck your phones and laptops away, forget about social media, and just be present. This is the entire premise of My Snapshot Traveler. To give you an idea, think about a favorite trip you have taken… where were you? The beach, city, forest, country, mountains… heck, maybe even a backyard? Now think about the best moment from your trip. Were your toes in the sand? Were you lost in a city of thousands? Surrounded by friends or family? Zooming on a rollercoaster and hanging on for dear life? My Snapshot Traveler highlights a singular special moment – called a snapshot story – from your travels. What’s your snapshot? We all have a story to tell, and I would love to hear yours! Contact Me.