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10 Quotes from the Bucket List Family that will make you want to travel the world

The Bucket List Family wasn’t satisfied with the status quo and in 2015, this family of four (at the time) sold all of their possessions in Provo, UT and planned to embark on a six-month journey around the world. Along the way, parents Garrett and Jessica Gee learned how to monetize their travel journalism without touching a penny of their life savings and have continued their globetrotting.

Like millions of others, I’ve loved seeing the world through their lens. Yes, they have an enviable life, but it’s so much more than that. They are humble. They are strong in their faith and humanitarianism. They are teaching their children life-lessons that cannot be attained in a classroom.

Here are a few snippets from this lovely family that will make you want to trade your nine-to-five for a life on the road:


  1. We feel like we still have so much to learn about life and happiness before we can set up our future life and home. – Garrett Gee


  1. I didn’t want to get stuck in our college town. Garrett promised me we’d only be there for the soccer season and as soon as it finished, I could pick our family’s next move. When discussing possible next moves, we would joke about selling everything and doing a trip around the world. Jokes turned into brainstorms which turned to plans which eventually became a reality!! – Jessica Gee


  1. We’ve learned to find happiness with less, and we’ve become more open-minded and open-hearted. We’ve learned about other cultures and where they seek happiness. Good, happy people, I’ve learned, come from everywhere. – Garrett Gee


  1. During our travels we focus on three things: adventure, culture, and service. – Garrett Gee


  1. About 16 months ago… about 32 countries ago… like 70 flights ago, we left our home. Sold everything and decided to go on a humanity adventure around the world. – Garrett Gee


  1. We made a decision to step outside our comfort zone and change our lives forever. I hope that you and anyone who has followed our family’s journey has been inspired, not necessary to sell everything and travel the world, but hopefully just to step outside their comfort zone or look at where their life is at and not be afraid to make some changes. – Garrett Gee


  1. Try one time. If you like it, you need to try again. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to try anymore. – Dorothy Gee


  1. Is there anywhere that you won’t go? The answer is no. We would go anywhere. Actually, it’s the other way around. There are some places that have such bad reputations that I would like to prove them wrong. I would like to go to many places in the Middle East or to many places where people kind of think there is a poor reputation there and go to show the good in the people, the good in the culture. – Garrett Gee


  1. I decided I did not want to be a businessman… I began to make a list in my journal of notes to my future self. Things that would help remind me later in life of my cares and priorities at a younger age. – Garrett Gee


  1. “Rich” is a relative and opinion-based adjective which is mostly based on each individual’s level of gratitude towards life. – Garrett Gee


What’s in store for this family of five for the rest of 2018? For the first time in three years, they are planting some roots. They just purchased their first home on the Big Island in Hawaii and are gathering inspiration from different locales around the globe for their remodel. They partnered with Andy and Candis Meredith from HGTV’s Old Home Love, who are tackling their plantation-style home room by room. The Gee’s won’t see the completed house for another six weeks. Does this mean The Bucket List Family will be tucking their passports away? Fear not! They won’t be in a new location every week, but Garrett Gee assured his fans that they will continue to travel as well as document their newest adventure of home ownership.

It’s been an absolute delight watching this family take the leap to full-time travel journalists, grow their business, dedicate time to those in need, and share their experience with the world. If you haven’t watched their vlogs, you should. Seriously. Check out The Bucket List Family at www.thebucketlistfamilly.com or @bucketlistfam on Instagram.


Photo Source: The Bucket List Family 

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