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Our Snapshot Moment Like on any vacation, there are so many memorable moments from our time in India that stay in our hearts and minds forever. However, on our most recent trip to India (Challah's first), there was one moment that was especially profound. We were visiting the southern state of Kerala for a week before...[ Read More ]

Naan & Challah

It’s tough having my family live all over the world, but it helps that I always have trips in the works to go see them. I’m constantly on the hunt for cheap airfare and when I came across a dirt-cheap ticket to Charleston, I jumped at the chance to spend a few days with my...[ Read More ]

Lisa Pederson

“Guys, I’m a little bit nervous,” my niece called out as her small, 16” wheeled bike weaved around much bigger cycles. A relative newcomer to life without training wheels and riding in the Tour de Fat festival in Fort Collins, Colorado with hundreds of other cyclists, I can see how it would be a bit...[ Read More ]

Lisa Pederson