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“Guys, I’m a little bit nervous,” my niece called out as her small, 16” wheeled bike weaved around much bigger cycles. A relative newcomer to life without training wheels and riding in the Tour de Fat festival in Fort Collins, Colorado with hundreds of other cyclists, I can see how it would be a bit...[ Read More ]

Lisa Pederson

Kristian and I acquired the travel bug at a young age. The excitement, the energy, the unknown... exhilarating! A fond memory of our travels came early in our relationship and our first international trip together to Kristian’s homeland, Norway. This was THE test! Are we truly compatible travel partners? Could we survive the ups and...[ Read More ]

Kristian & Jodi Ulriksen

The decision to spend a week in New York began with a text thread that went like this: R: ALEXANDRA A: Sup kid R: Don’t buy a car A: Okay R: Where is your bucket list to travel? A: Like…so many places A: Why…? R: I wanna travel! R: Like why don’t we go somewhere...[ Read More ]

Alexandra Quist