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It was our last night in Germany before heading to France so why not make it a memorable one. A castle adventure was calling our names. The halfway point to our next destination landed my husband and I in a small town called Waldeck. It so happens that Waldeck has a castle for accommodations. Picking...[ Read More ]

Charlotte Tweed

It was summer in the Northern Hemisphere and I was pregnant.   We had been invited to attend a wedding in Wales in early July so, with a nearly 2 year old and another baby on the way, we thought what a great opportunity it would be to do an around the world trip!  Australia is a...[ Read More ]

Brian & Kris, Gadsventure

Having just spent 10 days in Eastern Washington and Central Oregon we had one day to “turn and burn” and head east to Oshkosh. A couple loads of laundry, a trip to Costco to restock the shelves, some soap and water to remove the previous 750 miles of dirt and bugs from the truck and...[ Read More ]

Stephen Lennon