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The fog closed up tighter around me, covered up the trail in front of me and the views we just had seen of the highest point on the Inca Trail only became a blurry imagination of my memory. Green became grey. 4215 meters of altitude. The rain started to pour down again. I didn’t feel...[ Read More ]

Linn Haglund, Brainy Backpackers

Me at Machu Pichu I’ve worked on cruise ships for 13 years, and have always assisted the shore excursions department when they need an extra person for dispatching tours, preparing brochures for the next cruise, and escorting tours assisting the busy guides in return for getting to go on the tour. Last month (September 2018)...[ Read More ]

Karen Worrall of Cruise Ship Karen

I was visiting Nepal for the second time and searching for new treks to do. I’d previously done the Everest Base Camp trek but was looking for something off the beaten path. I scoured websites, and had decided on one, until I saw something called a “trekking peak.” It wasn’t quite mountaineering, but it would...[ Read More ]

Michelle, Full Time Explorer